Monday, 29 June 2009

They Fuck You Up, Your Mum and Dad....

Shamelessly using the death of Michael Jackson in order to repost the first ever blog thing I wrote, back in November last year. (Just to see how it's done.) What's the connection? Well, both Michael Jackson and Prince Charles are eccentric individuals (to say the least) and neither of them chose their fame and... well, that's about all really.....

Waiting in Vain?

"Es mas dificil ser un rey sin corona que una persona mas normal"-- Shakira Ripoll

It's harder being a king without a crown rather than an average Joe.

Is it? Ask Prince Charles who has just turned 60. Royal birthdays, weddings and the like do not usually interest me in the slightest but Charlie's 60th sees him become the longest king-in-waiting in history.

We often laugh at their strange ways and denounce their unearned wealth and privilege. Quite rightly so. But ask yourself this-- hand on heart-- would you swap places with him? He has spent his entire life just passing time until he can fulfil his destiny, something which will only become possible with the death of his own mother.

I would label myself as an apathetic Republican-- I can't see the point of the monarchy but I can't really see any point in getting rid of it-- but Charles' situation strikes me as a cruel and unusual birthright. His cage might come with wealth, fame and a servant to put the paste on his toothbrush yet a cage it remains. Maybe there is more of a case for abolishing the monarchy on purely humanitarian grounds rather than for political reasons.

As for Charlie himself, he has at least tried to give his life some purpose and has made an effort to leave the world in a better state than it was when he entered it. Some of his ideas and intitiatives are very positive, some are well-intentioned but misguided and others are either charmingly eccentric or downright barmy. But he has ideas. It would be easy for him to follow the example of many in his family and live a life of golf, G+T's and private jets.

So happy birthday Charles. Yes, you are a freak but who wouldn't be in your situation.....


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