Thursday, 14 January 2010


Through a combination of laziness and doing other things, this blog has lain dormant since October but do not despair! A new year brings new life and this blog will come back from the dead.

In fact, I have 2 translations ready on paper but just as I was about to post them my internet at home was mysteriously cut off. Typical. Hopefully I should be back online by Friday.

Until then I will whet your appetites with a sneak preview of things which are (hopefully) in the pipeline over the next month or so:

Religion: Europe's Suicide - Tomasz Terlikowski
Socialist Jesus and the Corporate Church - Piotr Żuk

Swine Flu: Narrow Escape or Scam of the Century? - Krzysztof Kęciek

Society: Warsaw's Homeless, Surviving the Big Freeze - Andrzej Dryszel

Politics: Neoliberal Newspeak - Piotr Żuk

Geopolitics: Pat Buchanan, The Neo-Cons and Russia - Bronislaw Lagowski

History: The Baltic Pagans - Czarny Kot

PS: There is also a new and improved Links section with various items of interest. I strongly recommend Teesside Tintin.


Undergroundman said...

Hey, Czarny, can you read my sister blog "Krakow's New Dragons" and read about my and Protect Krakow Heritage's battle for the city against rapacious property developers, one who said he intends to exploit loopholes to build huge steel & plate office blocks right in the centre , even in UNESCO territory.

PLease comment on this blog as its, to use Davies' words. about the microcosm and not geopolitics over which, less face it, I can't DO much abour whether Sikorski's Patriots.

The developer in question is Henryk Geartner. Google him. There is a Gazeta W article from 2009 about his attempt to flout laws but to take him on I need you to only translate the section about his attitude into English.,97379,6382017,Wiezowce_u_bram_Starego_Miasta.html&prev=_t&

This translation is appalling but the section I need as evidence againstr him ( and I'm Pilgering this bastard in deprth ) is this part,

"To appeal the decision WSA to the Supreme Administrative Court, the conservator will need to demonstrate, relying on the specific legal provisions that protect the decision to repeal was illegal. A takie zapisy prawne - zdaniem Henryka Gaertnera, prawnika i współwłaściciela GD&K - nie istnieją. And these legal provisions - according to Henryk Gaertner, a lawyer and co-owner of GD & M - do not exist. - Nie wystarczy sam fakt, że Stare Miasto wpisane jest na listę Światowego Dziedzictwa UNESCO, ponieważ wpis ten ma charakter czysto uznaniowy i - mówiąc obiektywnie - nic z tego w majestacie prawa nie wynika - stwierdza. - It is not enough, the mere fact that the Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage list, because this entry is purely discretionary and - objectively speaking - nothing of the majesty of the law is not clear - he says",

Just a paragraph on my blog on him, his intentions and how the courruption and displacement of the Krakoe conservationists would give me ammmo for propaganda when Krakowians wake up to dind out what he intends and they, from what I understand, he isn't interested in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Please help.

Undergroundman said...

my blog

Czarny Kot said...

Here you are, a bit of a rush job but I think i've managed to brush up the first translation. I've posted it on your blog under the appropriate article.
Good luck....

In order to appeal against the decision of the WSA (regional administrative court) in the Supreme Administrative Court, the Małopolska conservation office must prove that the decision to ease restrictions on development was illegal, according to concrete written laws.

According to Henryk Gaertner, lawyer and co-owner of GD+K, these laws do not exist.

"The fact that the Stare Miasto is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list is not enough. This list is of a purely discretional nature and, objectively speaking, is not in any way legally binding."

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